Welcome to Sly Flourish.

This weblog has one single focus: to build the better 4th edition dungeon master. This blog is written by yours truly, Mike Shea, a gamer, writer, and general lover of nerdly pursuits. I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2nd edition back in the late 80s (yeah, I missed out on the old time red-box games, for which I will never forgive myself). I’ve been playing 4th edition as long as there has been something to play.

This site will focus on tips, tricks, articles, editorials, and reviews to make the life of a Dungeon Master easier and better. We’ll discuss the art, the craft, and the discipline of dungeon mastering, not as some throw away game referee but as a form of art as powerful and meaningful as a stage director for a broadway play or a film director on a blockbuster film.

Along the way we’ll have some fun, learn some tips, and enjoy our hobby all the more.

I’ll end with a few promises to you.

First, I will focus on writing articles designed for D&D 4th edition Dungeon Masters.

Second, I will not waste your time. Articles will be short, edited, and focused.

Third, I will not let trolls and flamers get in the way of constructive criticism and problem solving. If I even smell a troll, I’m heading for the ban button.

Fourth, I will use the Sly Flourish Twitter postings for short 140 character DM tips throughout the week.

So come in, take off your sodden boots, sit a bit closer to the fire, and enjoy the conversation.

Mike Shea
28 March 2009


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