DM Tips, 1 May-8 May 2009

Below is the digest of this week’s Sly Flourish DM Tips published from the SlyFlourish Twitter feed. Follow today!

Have an old villain open an abyssal gate in the sewers of your PCs’ home town with Dungeon Delve 11. #dnd

Download glyphs and runes and sigils from the net as signatures for evil-doer letters and journals. #dnd

Ran Delve 11 with four 13th players using 3/4 hps and +1/2 level damage. Ran great! Fast, dangerous, fun. Don’t take OAs from rogues. #dnd

Betrayal, deception, and paranoia are great for one-shot adventures but can suck for full campaigns. #dnd

Use large 1″ graph paper sheets to pre-draw your battle maps. Great for transportation and quick play on detailed maps. #dnd

Don’t have all your players? Run a one-shot adventure that shows some history or lore or off-screen action. D&D;’s show, don’t tell. #dnd

When tracking hitpoints, add up damage from zero instead of subtracting from full. Adding up is far faster. #dnd

Did a player’s character die or become incapacitated? Let the player play one of the monsters and take out their anger on the party. #dnd

Combat going slow? Let people roll and tally damage before their turn and always let them know who is on deck. #dnd

Keep your old campaign notes, hand-outs, and printed pics from old adventures in file folders. You never know if they’ll come up again. #dnd

Store Dungeon Tiles by set in 1 gallon zip-lock bags with the little plastic zippers in a cardboard “bankers” box from Staples. #dnd

Cut and fold 3X5 cards horizontally for init cards and vertically for status effect cards. #dnd

Don’t take magic items away from players unless you’ve made it clear that you will be doing so – like artifacts. It makes them bitter. #dnd

Keep the background story light at the end of a session. Most folks are ready to go after the last fight. #dnd

Need a quick NPC? Think about a character in a movie you just saw. Use their background, mannerisms, and motivation. #dnd

I’m wrong. The Heroslaying ability of the Heroslayer Hydra eats marking tanks! All solos should be like this. #dnd

MM2 Heroslaying Hydra resist stun and daze, low hp, lots of attacks, still affected by unnerfed Hospitaler’s Blessing #dnd

Kalarel from Keep on the Shadowfell can make a great campaign-wide villain. Plan his level 1-30 story arc. #dnd

Dead or abandoned PCs can make great hooks for future adventures. #dnd

@mikemearls what do you think of the Brutal 4e house rules? Do you think they would totally unbalance the game?

Need ideas for breaking through a paragon party that resists 10 to nearly everything. Resists and surge-less healing are killing me. #dnd


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