DM Tips, 22-30 April

More DM Tips from the SlyFlourish Twitter feed!

Need a quick attack or defense score? Try level+4 for a base attack and level+14 for a base defense. Use + or – 2 to tailor it. #dnd

Very much liked the idea of chaining multiple short 3/3 skill challenges together into a large meta-challenge. Thanks @mikemearls #dnd

Skill challenges don’t always need to be big deals. Use three-step challenges for quick NPC discussions, traps, or in-battle action. #dnd

Take joy in the success of the characters. Take no sadness in the defeat of your monsters. #dnd

Change the default atk bonus on the front of the Character Builder sheet to your main at will. Makes your main bonus more accessible. #dnd

With each encounter ask yourself “how have I made the room interesting today?”. Walk through the battle in your head to prepare #dnd

@XeroSided Great idea on using cheaper metal tokens instead of minis! I’m surprised I missed this article. It’s great.

Want to play D&D; but only have time for a battle or two? Write a one-page dungeon and use the new DDM cards: #dnd

4e Tip: For quick fights try avg damage rather than dice. For scary swingy fun, max damage! Double damage on crits. #dnd

When using 3×5 cards for init, put the character name, not the player name, to keep people in character. For one-shots write both. #dnd

@Milambus Wow. http://www.hobbiesandgames…. is great! Good prices and I love the sort by price. #dnd

RT @tonym26: “I have found http://www.alterealitygames… to be great for minis, I’ve gotten some as low as 25 cents. (no relation) #dnd”

If you’re trying to buy individual minis, try Auggies: Good service and great prices. I am not affiliated with them. #dnd

The D&D; Character Builder quick-gen is a good way to whip up some default high-level characters. It seems to do a good job. #dnd

@mikemearls layered or phased skill challenges. More skill challenge templates. Quick combat without maps or minis. #dnd

Good use for minions: Aid Another (PHB pg 287). Standard action: basic atk vs AC10; on hit, +2 to allies next attack vs. this target. #dnd

Use the maps in the Dungeon Delve book for all sorts of encounters. Beyond everything else, the Delve is a great sample-map pack. #dnd

Here’s a nice but imperfect list of weapon names to name all of the weapons that you reward. Cool weapons have names. #dnd

Use a token for action points so people have something to throw at you when they want to spend it. Black poker chips perhaps. #dnd


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